• Unlimited pan.
  • 3-axis stabilization even during straight look down.
  • Lightweight, enabling a light cable cam system with less wear on cables.
  • Brushless motors avoiding jerky sway.
  • Serial data port for wireless control link, with reliable frequency of choice.

1-dimensional cable cam systems are popular for live broadcast of sports and stage performances With cable cam systems such as our DEFY Dactylcam, we can transport our LDX-C80 camera several hundred meters and with for example a 11 x wide zoom lens on the NEWTON head, this footage can cover a lot of ground.

The unlimited pan of the NEWTON stabilized head is very convenient on 1D cable cam since the camera often travels above the action with footage on all sides. The motor/joint configuration of the NEWTON head enables 3-axis stabilisation in all angles without gimbal lock, even during straight look down.

On a 1D cable cam system it is most common for all communication between operator and rig to be wireless and it is important to have it on a reliable frequency if among a crowd of people. We integrate all the signals, control for the camera/lens/remote head and the wirecam system through the wireless transportation package we customised. 

The DEFY Dactylcam with NEWTON only requires one operator, with hand controls for the camera package and foot pedals for the cable dolly. This setup enables steady and controlled movement in 50 km/h for over 1000 meters and enough battery power to last up to 10 hours.