• Length: 9.30 m
  • Width: 2.55 m
  • Height: 3.70 m
  • Power requirements: Single 63A 3-Phase (3P+N+PE) inlet with UPS 27KVA


  • Sony MVS-8000ASF HD switcher with 2x ME, 4 Keys/ME and 24-buttons main panel.              
  • Sony MVE-8000A with 8x Channels DME
  • MIRANDA HD Multiviewers (Up to 60x13inch sources)
  • 2x 55 inch HD LEDs in Production Area
  • 4x 24 inch HD LEDs for AUX-GFX-Sources
  • 2x 32 inch & 2x 24 inch HD LED in Audio and Vision Area
  • GVG HD-SDI 128×128 Video Router with Embedded Audio
  • UP to 16x External FS-UP/DOWN/CROSS Converters
    – Up to 10 GVG LDK-8000 Elite 3G-Triax channels Connectors FISHERUp to 4 Up to
    – 4x GVG LDK-8300 HighSpeed 3G-Fiber Super Slow Motion channels
    – Up to 4 HD WIRELESS GVG LDK-8000 Elite with Remote & Tally Connectors LEMO 3K.93C.
    – More than 2000m @ 11mm TRIAX cables available without support unit
    – HD TELE Lenses (100x, 86x, 72x, 66x or according to specific needs of each event)
    – HD WIDE Angle Lenses (14x, 11x or according to specific needs of each event)
  • CALREC OMEGA Audio Mixer with 48 physical faders and 160 DSP Channels
  • 5.1 DOLBY-E and DIGITAL Surround Audio Processing
  • 32x AES/EBU inputs
  • 32x Mic/Line inputs
  • 32x AES/EBU outputs
  • 32x Line outputs
  • 12x Embedders/De-Embedders
  • All kinds of Microphones (Long or Short Guns, Stick mics, Wireless)
  • Matrix Digital Clearcom Compact 36×36
  • 8 stations inside the Main Unit
  • 2x 2-wire & 8x 4-wire for communications
  • 2x 4-wire for Wireless Intercom
  • 2x AEQ ISDN Codecs & 2x AEQ PSTN Codecs
  • 8x 16 channels Walkie Talkie
  • UP to 3 GVG K2-Summit 3G/DYNO EVS XT3 LSMs 8-channel @ (8 rec/1 play or 6 rec/2 play)
  • Up to 8 SSD HD Recording Units
  • Up to 8 File-Based-Ingest on PC – (H264, DNxHD, Apple ProRes, MJPG, MOV, AVI)
  • Up to 2 Edit-While-Ingest Channels on most popular editing platforms
  • 1x Dual Channel Graphics Generator (4K/HD/SD)
  • Ability to add 2nd Graphics Generator working in Parallel mode for 100% On-Air Redundancy (Upon Request)
  • Supported Resolutions: 2160p50/60, 2160p25/30, 1080p50/59.94, 1080i50/59.94, 720p50/60-NTSC/PAL

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  • 2 HD WIRELESS VISLINK Group attached on Grass Valley LDK / LDX cameras
  • Full Camera / Lens & TALLY controls by VIDEOSYS

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